How to join superlife Business

To join Superlife Business there is no joining fee. You choose a package from the  four packages that we have ,Starter ,Star , Supreme and Super the higher the package the bigger the rewards and bonuses you will enjoy  in Superlife. You will be given a full Business Training .

Members enjoy  a repurchase bonus whereby they buy 2 boxes of STC30 for 1800r.

  • STEP 2 – SUBMIT  YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS (full name , Preferred username, D.O.B, ID, Address, Email, Phone Number)

Superlife Packages

Superlife Business in South Africa

Superlife is a Malaysian based international company which has legalised operations in more than 40 countries including South Africa. Superlife manufactures health products which are plant based ,100% organic  and very effective, the flagship product is STC30 .This company uses a business model called Network marketing or Multi  Level Marketing. Network marketing is a business model  in which products are sold  via independent  distributors  who  are paid by the company  for promoting or marketing and selling the products as well as recruiting or inviting others to join them.STC30 and other superlife products are not sold in pharmacies like Dischem ,Clicks etc because of the business model which cuts out the middleman. The products comes straight from the company to consumers ,you can get  Superlife products  from  Superlife distributors and main  stockist.
Learn more about Network Marketing.

Superlife Compensation plan 

You will  monitor all your business activities from an online superlife account . All earnings are in American Dollar (USD) and can be converted  into the local currency anytime .

Repurchase Mall-This is available to members only. Members  can buy products at a lower price for personal use or resale. STC30 costs 900R a box  for members.

Join Superlife Business and enjoy these 8 streams of income.

  • Direct sponsor Bonus-This is the money that you get when you invite someone to join the Business.
  • Key in Bonus-This is for super packages only. It comes when they register a new member that is when they punch in personal details of the new member ,they get money for just typing.
  • Retail Bonus-This comes when you decide to resale at retail price the products you bought through repurchase mall or you received when you became a member.
  • Roll up  Bonus– This comes to you when your downline sponsors a member on a higher package than he or she is.
  • Pairing Bonus– Superlife uses a binary system, every member has two sides left and right .Pairing bonus comes from every 2 people under you, at your left and right genealogy even if you are not the one that brought them into the business.
  • Rank Bonus– There are different leadership ranks  in superlife, based on your cumulative income if you attain a certain leadership rank you earn money for that.
  • Gift point(GP) -15% of your income goes to your GP Wallet you can redeem it in various incentives ,trips  gadgets etc.
  • Uniliver Bonus-This is when you have successfully placed at least 5 people on each leg and these people are active in business you as the upline you earn bonus monthly for this . 

How much you earn   from all these bonuses depends on your package and the number of boxes you are buying or the package of the person you are introducing into the business.

In superlife you are rewarded for :

1. Buying and using the products.

2. Introducing other people into the business.

3. The sales or activities of those you introduce into the business.

Business Trainings 

Join superlife  business, there is a strong support system for all members .Business trainings  or presentations are held now and then  in different parts of the country. Online trainings are also available. Once you become a member you are given a full business training ,you get to understand in detail  superlife history and background , products and  how to make money in superlife . Contact us for more information

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