Superlife Immune Care (SIC)

Superlife Immune Care (SIC) is one of supelife world’s products. It is for boosting the immune system, supporting the liver, normalizing sugar levels and Detoxification. SIC is made from fruits and plants rich in nutrients that provide dietary support for the normal functioning of the immune system therefore it acts as an immune booster. There are 15 sachets in a box and it is a food  supplement. The standard price is 1300R  however  if you become a superlife member you will be able to buy the product at a cheaper price.

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Benefits of SIC

Superlife Immune Care benefits
SIC satchet and healthy running couple

Administration of Superlife Immune Care

Mix  1 sachet of SIC in 100ml glass  of water and stir well. Take 1-2 sachets per day.