Superlife Colon Care +  Natural  Fat Shredder

SCC+ is a Superlife’s latest product which came to replace SCC15 which was  for colon care only .This new product is for maintaining a healthy colon, improving digestive health, reducing excess body fat ,supporting liver detoxification. SCC+  is combined with a powerful ingredient called sinetrol which  has proven to be highly  effective weight-loss reagent therefore this product  is also called fat shredder. 

SCC+ is 100% organic like other superlife products ,this product  is not sold  in pharmacies  but it is sold  through direct selling or network marketing. The standard price  in South Africa is 1400r a box however if you become a Superlife member you  will be able to buy this product  at a cheaper price. If you want to learn more you can follow ou FACEBOOK  PAGE

Superlife Colon Care  Natural Fat Shredder Benefits

How to use SCC+

Serving Direction 

Mix 1 sachet of SCC+ in 200ml glass of  plain water stir and consume immediately. Take 1 sachet a day preferably before bed.

scc+ serving instructions