What is STC30

STC30  means superlife total care 30 days, it is a food supplement which is 100% organic therefore there are no known side effects. This product deals with over 136 ailments and it promotes self healing.It is in powdery form and there are 15 satchets in a box which lasts 15 days. STC30 is a flagship product of Superlife  it is  very effective and it is selling we get positive feedback daily. You can  get some of the STC30 testimonies on  FACEBOOK

Where to buy STC30

In South Africa STC30 and all other superlife products are sold through Network Marketing ,this is a business model  which was chosen by Superlife. Network marketing is  the business of the  21st century and it cuts out the middleman therefore you can not buy STC30 from pharmacies like clicks Dischem etc but from superlife distributors and stockists .Superlife products comes straight from the producer to the consumers .The standard price of STC30 in South Africa is 1200R however if you become  a member you can buy  get a repurchase bonus and can buy  a box at 900R. CONTACT US.

STC30 Benefits

How STC30 works
Benefits of stc30

Frequently  Asked Questions 

  1. Should I continue taking my prescribed  medication whilst taking STC30?
     Yes you should continue taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor until your doctor advises you to stop depending on your progress.
  2. What are the side effects  of STC30?
    They are no known  side effects ,the product is 100% organic and  it is not a drug.

  3.  For how long should I take  STC30?
There is no stipulated time frame. How many boxes you need depends on a number of things listed below however when starting on the product it is encouraged to take it for 30 days continuous.

  1. Age of the patient
  2. Type of ailment or disease
  3. Period of illness
  4. Severity of the disease
  5. Other conditions ie medical history
  6. Previous treatment used
    In short the dosage is not specific some people can report change or receive total healing after a few sachets to a box 

How to use the product

Please take note correct  Administration is important .

Do not Swallow STC30.This will make it not effective the digestive system will neutralize it and the liver will metabolize it .Take one sachet first thing in the morning on an empty stomach .Empty the contents under your tongue and close your mouth , let it completely dissolve on its own. Sit upright .You can start eating or drinking after at least 30 minutes. Drink a lot of water during the day to avoid dehydration. No smoking an hour before or after.


How to use STC30