Superlife Neuron Care (SNC)

Superlife neuro Care is nature’s solution for optimum vision and cognitive health. It helps by rejuvenating and revitalizing vision and mental processes which deteriorate naturally with age. It is good  for  the brain, spinal cord ,neurological disorders and it also improves blood circulation .SNC is 100% organic and they are no known side effects. Neuron care  is sold through direct selling or network marketing, therefore you  can not buy SNC from pharmacies  like Dischem & Clicks. The product has helped a lot of  people with their eyesight and mental issues you can check out some of the testimonies on  FACEBOOK.

In South Africa Superlife neuro Care’s standard price is 1300R however  if you become a superlife member  you can get the repurchase discount and  buy the product at 1100R. Contact us for more information

Benefits of Superlife Neuron Care (SNC)

Superlife Neuron Care benefits

How to use Superlife Neuron Care

Tear one sachet and pour contents into mouth . Consume one to two sachets per day. Drink plenty of water to ensure adequate hydration.

SNC satchets and human brain